Strona Główna

I thought I’d write a bit about my impressions of and adventures in Poland and sprinkle a few other observations about. The writing style is, er, well, rambling I guess, probably incoherent and disjointed in places but hopefully entertaining.

This is a link to the post “Why Poland?” that I probably should have written first, probably, you know, if you want to approach this in a logical, time-line sort of way, which I obviously didn’t.

Here’s a link to the Polish Odyssey posts and here’s a link to the Other Stories posts.
Since early 2020 travelling has been problematical so after bit of a spell with writer’s block, I’ve veered towards Other Stories. I’ve also dug out some poetry that I wrote in the 1970s and I’ve been putting it in the Poetry category page.

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Guilty pleasures, an occasional series. Out On The Street.

In 1976, David Essex, cheeky teen-idol songster, released a progressive pop/rock, concept album called ‘Out On The Street’ which has been a favourite of mine since I first listened to it in the mid-1970s. Pop, Pop/Rock, Prog/Pop, Prog/Pop/Rock – the lines, as always, become blurred but the acid test is, if you like it, it’s … Continue reading Guilty pleasures, an occasional series. Out On The Street.

Mars Attracts!

Chemtrails, depositing biological agents to control our minds. £350 million a week for the NHS. Every time a ‘celebrity’ program appears on the telly and you sit there trying to figure out who these ‘celebrities’ are. UK will ‘prosper mightily’ even without a Brexit deal. Microchips in vaccines. Dominic Cummings didn’t break lockdown rules. The … Continue reading Mars Attracts!

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