So, yes, I thought I’d write a bit about my impressions of and adventures in Poland and sprinkle a few other observations about. The writing style is, er, well, rambling I guess, probably incoherent and disjointed in places but hopefully entertaining. This is a link to the article that I probably should have written first, probably, you know, if you want to approach this in a logical time-line sort of way, which I obviously didn’t.


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I grew up in the Hertfordshire town of Berkhamsted where for the early part of my life my parents and I lived with my mother’s parents in George Street at number 130. There are two roads here, in this particular part of the town, not in the town itself, George Street and Ellesmere Road, both … Continue reading Railways

Kansas, I’ve a feeling we’re not in toto anymore.

I’ve just listened to two Kansas albums back to back; first, “The Prelude Implicit” from last year (2016) and then from 1974 their debut album, “Kansas”. Listening to the two albums you’d hardly know that 42 years separates them. Both are full of verve and energy and also full of all that wonderful stuff which … Continue reading Kansas, I’ve a feeling we’re not in toto anymore.

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